maandag, 14 juni 2004


I love football.

Here, I said it. Loud and proud. My coming out. Cool (…) My love hates football…

Anyway, the European Championship has started Saturday and since then I haven’t missed one single game! Obviously, I can’t choose only one team to support. Sure, if ‘we’- the Netherlands – play, I will cheer for them, but I am already in Olympic spirit: may the best team win.

Yesterday’s early evening was kinda busy, but Formula One proved to be more interesting than Croatia – Switzerland… France – England on the other hand was a true thriller. 0-1 ahead, Beckham misses a penalty, but all’s still fine and then… your worst nightmare: extra time, Zidane, and penalties and a 2-1 loss. I am starting to fear tomorrow’s Netherlands – Germany game. Also great players and arch-rivals… Place your bets NOW!

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