donderdag, 10 juni 2004

Yes, no, left, right…

Today is an important day for Democracy. Today we can vote for a new European Parliament… I don’t believe in the Europarliament – 750 people of 25 different nationalities cannot make fast or strong decisions, they have to compromise. But I strongly believe in the fact, that you can’t complain about politics if you haven’t voted. So I vote.

According to the polls, I am an exception. Only 30 % of people that can vote, will actually do so. Schocking! Furthermore, I know exactly which party will get my vote. I did some tests and research, and I have made up my mind. This virtually makes me a rarity! I know who I am going to vote on already?! No ‘eany-meany-miney-moe’ in the voting booth?! Anyway, I aint gonna share my political preference with you, it’s personal. Gotto go and save democracy, now!

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