woensdag, 19 mei 2004

Do you have an opinion?

A while ago, I subscribed to an online market research agency. Every now and again, I receive an e-mail in which I am ‘invited to fill in a questionnaire on my personal page‘. Since I have nothing else to do, I participate. In the past months I have answered questions about food, laundry, energy suppliers, and several websites… All fun, games and innocent pass-time, I thought.

Not anymore, things are getting serious (;-D) now! I have been ‘invited to attend a group discussion about websites’. Off course I will ‘receive a small fee and compensation for travel expenses’. Cool! So, let me get this straight: we are going to talk (I love to talk, remember?) about websites (I never surf…) and I get money (never enough) for it? Almost too good to be true… I think I will be having fun this afternoon!

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