maandag, 17 mei 2004

Great start of the week…

This morning’s conversation with the collection department of my housing corporation:

- I received a reminder last Friday to pay this months rent, but I paid it two weeks ago already.

- Why didn’t you phone last Friday?

- You are closed on Friday afternoons…

- Your address?

I give her my address

- I’ll check, hold please… hmm, are you sure you paid? …

- *trying to remain calm* Yes, I am. I have the bank statement in front of me.

- Are you sure?

- *really trying to stay calm, I only had one coffee…* I could send you a screenshot of my online one. Or do you want it the old fashioned way: a faxed copy?

- *10 seconds of silence* Here it is. Ah, it entered today, so you must have paid Friday after receiving our reminder.

- No, I paid almost three weeks ago, I can prove it!

- Sure…

I was still waiting for some sort of apology, an acknowledgement that I was right, not she, when I heard a click, followed by the calling tone…

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