maandag, 10 mei 2004


Around the corner is a tiny electronics shop, with the largest stock ever. Anything you can imagine in household electronics and beyond is on its shelves. You name it, they have it. Even if you couldn’t name it, the 89 year (!!!) old shop owner would know which “thingy” you meant.

A couple of months ago, the shop was robbed. And the shop owner molested, because there wasn’t enough money in cash… Since then, the shop was closed. I had to go to large, anonymous DIY shops, with 16 year old assistants who could not find the “thingy for transmitting the thing to the back”. “Can you be more specific, mizz?” I thought I already was…

Last Saturday, the shop was open for the last time. Clearance sale. The owners son behind the counter. The owner himself is still recovering- physically and mentally – in a nursing home. He probably has to stay there. “Dad was robbed from his health, his life, his independence and self-esteem”, the son says in a bitter tone. “Why did the attacker have to wreck the live of my dad, our family and his customers?”

...anything you can imagine in household electronics..

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