donderdag, 06 mei 2004


Coming Sunday is Mother’s Day, and I haven’t thought of a present for my mum yet. Yes, I am a heartless daughter…

When I was younger, life was so much easier – well, at least with respect to Mother’s Day. A poem (first written by a teacher, later dictated by a teacher) with a painting, together with breakfast in bed (at 7 AM…) always brought a smile to her face. During puberty, me and my brother bought a tea- and a coffee cup every year, because mom’s always broke in the two weeks prior to mothers day (it took me years to see the convenient coincidence). Me and my brother are adults now (well, I am) and have moved out. No more early breakfast-in-bed or crockery, but flowers and fragrances.

Since 6 years, I have a mother in law, which makes life even more difficult – well, at least with respect to Mother’s Day. Now, I have to think about two presents (my love is sweet, but remains a guy) and two moms to visit. My brother has an easier life (Mother’s Day-wise). He has two kids, so they (or their teachers) will take care of the presents for his wife and for our Mom.

Today I am going to have coffee at Mom’s. Not only to find out what she would like to get this year, but also to remind my Dad: his absent-mindedness has resulted in several (annual) marriage crises…

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