dinsdag, 04 mei 2004

Big B’Elly

Best friend Elle is 40 weeks pregnant today -hip, hip…- but no sign of the baby yet. Two weeks ago, when I told her that it’s quite normal for a first child to be born one or even two weeks after the due date, Elle looked at me as if she could bit off my head any minute. I retracted my statement by saying: “but yours will be on time”, while thinking “you are always 15 to 30 minutes late, and if the baby has most of your genes…” Anyway, since the baby has turned, it has no space to do its hourly somersault-series anymore. Irritated by the restricted freedom of movement, it started to kick Elle in her ribs -or kidneys, or stomach, or spine. Now Elle is really fed up with being pregnant can’t wait to see her child IRL.

This afternoon I am having coffee at Elle’s. Not the decaf she’s been drinking for the past nine months, but the real stuff: that will learn him/her! After that, I will talk to the belly to convince Bob (working title) that it’s time to get out. The place is definitely not big enough, there’s more space outside. If my talking doesn’t do the trick, we go cycling across the city centre (nice and bumpy). Or jump rope. Eat Mexican or Indian. If my help does not work, she might have to call in the help of her hubby… ;-b

Cross your fingers that Elle (and her hubby) don’t have to wait another one (or two) weeks… I’ll keep you posted!

update @ 16:00 PM Coffee and lecture did not do the trick, and it rained outside, so no cycling or jump rope today…. Maybe tomorrow?

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