donderdag, 29 april 2004


Right now, you are witnessing a very rare phenomenon in the life of Solly. I have nothing to tell you -nothing happened, nothing funny in the news you have seen or heard of yet. Yes, you heard me: I have nothing to say.

Two reactions are possible now:

*Shocked gasps, hands to chest* “A silent Solly? Hold the presses!” will be from the people I meet IRL.

*Raised eyebrows, frown, slightly tilted head* “Who cares, I never heard her talking” speaks for itself.

I will give a short explanation for the latter category – the first are excused, you are allowed to stop reading and proceed with whatever you were doing, or read on and maybe get a bit more insight in my complex personality ;-)

Anyway: I talk. A lot. Always and everywhere. I talk to strangers -since young age, parental warnings never worked. I talk to myself -especially during shopping: ‘you don’t need this’. I talk in my sleep -comment of first sleepover boyfriend ‘I am not surprised, if you won’t stop talking during the day, why would I expect you to be silent at night?’ I talk more when I am nervous -and I can’t stop myself.

I talk, yet say nothing. Just like I did now…

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