dinsdag, 27 april 2004

Extreme makeover

I went to the parodontologist this morning for some (scheduled) dental surgery. No, I did not get a mouth full of straight rowed, white and shiny teeth, but a partial reconstruction of my gums. The destruction was caused by acute parodontitus due to anaerob bacteria – pick one, I can prove it has inhabited my mouth- and today was the final step towards a healthy oral environment!

Anyway, a couple of painful shots of anesthetics were followed by a nice numb feeling of my lower jaw and lips. I felt nothing of the cutting, cleaning, scraping and stitching. I was a bit shocked when I looked in the mirror, but the parodontologist told me, that the swelling will go away… (I really wanted to illustrate this entry with “before” and “after” pics, but my love did not think it would be a good idea).

The surgery itself went fine -perfect, the assistant said when she handed me a prescription for painkillers. “Painkillers?”, I asked, “I feel fine”. “Just get them”, she said. She was right. Tingling in my tongue and lips indicated the anesthetics had worn off. I ignored it, until the tingling changed into a very unpleasant feeling in my lower jaw. Finally I decided to take the pills. Two at once, as I was told. Unfortunately, I took them too late. I am in pain! Suffering! And in doubt: shall I take one more pill?

Or not?

update @ 16:00 PM The painkillers definitely kicked in! Wee-hooey! I am not in pain any more! In fact, I feel great. Though I look quite silly with that stupid grin on my face… (I could never understand why lots of celebs were addicted to painkillers. I can now…)

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