vrijdag, 16 april 2004

Half-naked men (part 2)

I woke up this morning at 3:30 AM. Disoriented, yet convinced I had heard someone shouting outside. I got out of bed and peaked through the curtains. On the road below I saw a man. He was wearing shoes, a shirt and a jacket. No pants. Definitely no pants. I pinched my arm, rubbed my eyes and looked again. The man-without-pants was still there, yet hiding in some bushes now. I giggled, while thinking about my piece on Ironing men. Suddenly the man got out of the bushes and ran towards a passing taxi. “Stop!” he shouted “I was robbed!” he shouted. The taxi slowed down and stopped. The man talked to the driver. I couldn’t hear what was said, but after a while the man said “never mind” and walked back into the bushes. The taxi took off. Hmmm, strange, very strange indeed. I phoned the police and described the situation. They promised to send out a car. Sure. I went back into bed, cause a half– naked guy hiding in the bushes across the road gets boring in the end. 15 Minutes later, I hear a van outside. I peaked through the curtains: the police. They slowly pass the bushes, car lights trying to penetrate the dense vegetation. They did not stop or get out of the van. The man was not found. He had hidden from the light. When the police left empty-handed, he left the bushes. He looked around and up. I closed my curtains. 5 Minutes later, I peaked out again, only to see the half-naked man walking around the corner…

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