donderdag, 18 maart 2004

The frustrated house wife

Yesterday was the first officially warm (hence: 20+ degC) day of the year. Lots of sun too. Too much sun, cause it revealed just how dirty my windows actually were. For you information: I was surprised on a regular basis, when I went out, that in fact it was NOT foggy… So I cleaned my windows. Thoroughly. Birds crashed against the glass: that clean!

This morning I woke up early, still proud, relishing the memory. I opened the curtains with happy anticipation of a fog-less view at the buildings behind mine and… it rained. Off course. I knew it. It’s a fact. “The Law of Recently Cleaned Windows”: Even when it’s not forecasted- even if you live in the Sahara!- it will rain the day after you cleaned your windows.

Right. Forgot about that one – I don’t clean my windows often enough.

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