woensdag, 17 maart 2004

No milk today

According to a US scientist , people should avoid milk and cheese as much as tobacco, as there is strong evidence that dairy products promote breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men… Speaking at a lecture on diet and cancer, the professor said: “My advice is don’t have any dairy products in any form whatsoever. Just cut them out completely.”

Great. I am sugar intolerant, nearly vegetarian, I quit smoking 9 months ago and now this… Do we have to start an anti-milk lobby now? Ban cows from the Dutch fields? Allow only black coffee? Give milkshake bars the same semi-legal status as coffeeshops? Place an enormous warning on all dairy products – “Eating or drinking of dairy is injurious to health, it causes cancer” And… Where do we stand with breast feeding, then?!

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