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woensdag, 31 maart 2004

Back to the old-school


Pingu has a very retro girlfriend. No funky Flash thingy, ‘Popcorn’ in the audio-player, collect enough hearts to get to the next level… It does bring back memories and my love a.k.a. the -self acclaimed- ‘King of Supermario’ is already addicted!

woensdag, 31 maart 2004

Mine? Mine! Mine?


Finding Nemo is out on DVD (and video, but that’s for puftas) today! Yes, I know. This is supposed to be a kids’ movie and all, but: who cares? I watched the movie together with my mom on a (hot) Summer’s afternoon in an almost empty -every one else went to the beach, or Spain- yet air conditioned movie theater. My mum has rheuma, I lost my job, my love just started his semester in India… We desperately needed a good laugh. And we got more than we expected: we giggled, laughed, shrieked, tears in our eyes, close to hysteria… That’s why today I was the first in the shop to buy my copy: it instantly brings a smile to my face!

woensdag, 31 maart 2004

Midnight game time


Bored? Still awake? Considering a ceiling-paint-job? Better than counting sheep : playing with nuts!

dinsdag, 30 maart 2004



I have a little confession to make. The reason why I overslept:

Wanna try this at home?

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dinsdag, 30 maart 2004



I knew this was going to happen sometime this week. I overslept. I woke up one hour too late. Well, actually, I woke up at the same time I wake up every day of the week, but since Sunday, this suddenly is one hour too late. Damn. In theory, oversleeping is not a big deal for me, since I am unemployed and all…

But it still messes with my daily routine. So I had too skip laundry and ironing (“damn”) and move straight towards my sofa to watch the funeral of Princess Juliana. She was a sweet royal grandma, and I did not want to miss her last journey. Weird: I woke up just in time to wish our former queen a peaceful eternal sleep…

maandag, 29 maart 2004



Turn the volume on and celebrate the start of a new week with me!

By the way: how about the introduction of “Solly time”? Once every month, we skip Monday and/or consider it to be a second Sunday. This will result a 25% decrease of Monday morning nagging by yours sincerely…

zondag, 28 maart 2004

Jet lag


Due to the introduction of summer time, I am coping with some sort of jet lag. I truly hate it, when they steel away an hour of my day, just for energy purposes. Daylight saving, they say. It just means one hour less drinking, one hour less sleep, hungry one hour after diner… By the time my body has adjusted to this bloody summer time, it’s winter again!

zondag, 28 maart 2004

Almost summer…


One missing hour and I got my first mosquito bite!

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vrijdag, 26 maart 2004

Spring is in the air


There’s no escape… There’s no excuse

  • The sun is shining,
  • My love ‘has’ the bike,
  • My bum needs some fine-tuning,
  • My mum will kill/disinherit me, if I don’t show up today:

Time to rollerscate!

(No the sporty in-line type, yet the more stable and very retro 2X2 ones!)

donderdag, 25 maart 2004

Age ain’t nothing but a number


There are moments in ones life that you feel (much) older than you actually -physically- are. During puberty, or after too much torture at the gym. At some point in ones life -in my case it started a couple of years after my 20th birthday- something weird happens: your mental age starts to get out of pace with your physical age. In fact, your mind seems to age slower than your body. I am pretty sure I do not have my first midlife crisis -too young ;-) - yet I feel younger than I am according to my I.D. Awkward? Definitely! Example: students address me with “mizz” or talk about “that lady”. I wonder whom they talk about… When I notice, I turn pink… and start wondering when I became “mizz” or “lady”? Another one: you still wanna party on a Saturday night, yet the people in the club where born in another (read: later…) decade. Frustrating, but, according to some friends, this is just a stage and luckily enough, I am not the only one. It will go away. When? I do not know. I do know that the feeling of “young mind, old body” will return a couple of times -midlife crisis!- and that it will remain frustrating: my grandpa turned 89 (!!!) yesterday and is not happy with his hair turning gray… What am I moaning about, then?!