donderdag, 12 februari 2004

Deaf, numb and blind

I have been silent for a while and I will remain silent for a little bit longer… Of course, totally against my will!

I’ll cut the drama and tell y’all my shores: my DSL is not working. Yet it took 5 days of 0900-phone calls, a lot of “hold please” and several referrals to others (until I returned to the first person…), before I found out on my own that the culprit was in fact my modem. So, I sent it off to its manufacturer and they will repair it – thank god for a 5 year warranty! A bit of a downer is that I now have to work with an analogue modem… Back to the stone age, that slow!

So, be patient. Bare with me, cross your fingers, light a candle and pray for the fast recovery of my DSL modem!

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