donderdag, 05 februari 2004

Just the three (?!) of us

Yesterday I was depressed about the (temporal) absence of my love, today I am about his presence. Why, you ask?

Well, the past couple of days, he was physically here, but his mind was not. When I asked him what was the matter, he just sighed. Yesterday, he admitted to me, there’s another, he’s in love with… And it gets even worse! This morning, the phone rang. My love picked it up, gave one-syllable answers and rushed out of the apartment. I checked the number. Local, but unfamiliar to me. I dialed it: a woman’s voice at the other end. I hung up. Half an hour later, my love returned, big smile on his face. He said:”I would like you to meet my new love.” He took her to my apartment and now he’s in my wintergarden, touching her… I can hear her excited noises…

I know this is only a temporal fling, he will eventually return to me. But until then, I’ll have to accept his new lover! I have secretly taken a photo of my rival, see how pretty she is? I can’t compete with that?!

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