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zondag, 29 februari 2004

Happy Leap Day!


Didn’t you wake up this morning (or afternoon, I know, it’s Sunday) with the feeling: today is a special day? A once-in-every-4-year-experience? I did. Come on, think beyond your hangover. It’s the 29th of February… What a lovely date! A date to celebrate! Forget those in-laws, grandparents, walks in the park: leap day is a day for parties (and yet another great excuse to get drunk on Sunday!)

vrijdag, 27 februari 2004

Dear State Lottery,


Today I heard on the news, that a prize winner still has not claimed the 5 million euro jackpot, he (or she) won almost a year ago. According to the rules, now you have to hand the money over to the Dutch treasury.

So, how about you give the money to me? It would be a tax deductible expense, as I am a great charity (female, MSc Geology, unemployed). I would even let you keep a third. Half? 75%?

Think about it, dear state lottery, civil disobedience is da bomb these days (San Francisco mayor: you rock!).

Yours sincerely,

ps. my mail address is in the sidebar…

donderdag, 26 februari 2004

Let it snow!


750 km of traffic jams (runner up in Dutch all-time traffic jam ranking), huge delays at public transport, railways and airports… But: what a lovely view it is!

Winter Wonderland outside (I think I’ll stay at home today…)

donderdag, 26 februari 2004

To lick or not to lick


Yet another excuse for men: oral sex is linked to cancer of the mouth. Damn!

Research by the International Agency for Cancer Research (IARC) in Lyon amongst 3300 persons has provided powerful evidence that oral sex can cause mouth cancer. Doctors have found a link between mouth cancer and a sexually transmitted virus named HPV16. The IARC research showed that people with mouth cancer ├ánd the HPV16 virus had performed oral sex three times more often that persons from the (healthy) control group… By the way: the chances of infection with HPV16-virus (hence mouth cancer) are equally shared by cunnilingus and fellatio and the biggest cause for mouth cancer remains smoking! (source: rtlnieuws)

woensdag, 25 februari 2004

Things to do when you’re bored


You are CRUSH!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

dinsdag, 24 februari 2004



Happy 6th anniversary, sweetie!

dinsdag, 24 februari 2004



For over a decade, I have managed to ignore all Dutch television soap operas, but now it has finally happened… I am very addicted to the twice-daily internet soap Jong Zuid… I haven’t missed an episode yet (thanks to their archive!).

zondag, 22 februari 2004



Do not expect too much from me till tuesday…. I have to dress up, drink lots of beer and talk in my local dialect: Carnaval time in my town.

vrijdag, 20 februari 2004

Happy news


1) My brother in-law passed his drivers exam at his first attempt! (… Now I have to manage to do the same at my exam). Go Harmen!

2) My mom has a new hip. Go Mama!

3) My blog got listed in a Dutch Weblog directory and is found by Google. Go Solly!

If you have happy news, you wanna share, let me know using the “Comment” link thingy.

donderdag, 19 februari 2004

Thong song


Close your eyes.

Try to remember Disney’s original “Fantasia” movie.

Hold this thought.

Try to remember Sisqo.

Combine the two.

Dancing hippos are the bomb!