vrijdag, 30 januari 2004

Ill communication

I can’t believe in how many Outlook address books I – apparently – am! Norton destroyed at least 10 e-mails today, containing the W32.Novarg.A@mm. worm/virus. All of them came from people I don’t even know, in India and the US… I checked at Symantec and found out its a serious threat. It’s that MyDoom virus thingy everyone is all freaked out about. Even my granpa asked me, if I was protected against virusses (and yes, he meant the computer threats, not the human ones). Anyway, although I have my updates for this week, I’d better do a virus scan, as one of the infected e-mails appeared to have my own e-mail address as sender…

I wish they invented a “removal-tool” for the common cold… (sneezes)

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