donderdag, 22 januari 2004

Happy New Year!

Today is the start of the year 4701 or year of the Monkey, according to the Chinese Zodiac. To be more specific: it’s the year the Wood/Green Monkey “Jia Shen”. A Year of movement, discussion and the exchange of ideas.

While each sign repeats every 12 years, the specific combination of Sign (earthly branch) and element (heavenly stem) occur only once every 60 years. The Wood element represents the first 12 years of life, the time of rapid development, idealism and youthful innocence. Where there is recession, this Monkey year will tend to halt it in it’s tracks (good news for me, then!).

However… 60 years ago, 1944′s Wood Monkey brought a climactic year of the second world war and Monkey years have also brought their share of natural disasters, as the high strung Yang+ Monkey ushers in it’s naughty mix of deception and environmental temper tantrums.

Anyway, 2004 is gonna be the best for Snakes and a very good year for Rats and Dragons (that would be me!). For Goats, Rabbits, Oxen and Monkeys it could be better. It’s gonna be a complex year for Roosters and Horses and difficult for Tigers, Pigs and Dogs.

Wanna check under which sign of the Chinese Zodiac you were born? Or a more extensive view on 4701? This Chinese astrology page has all the answers!

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