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zaterdag, 31 januari 2004

Love actually


Tomorrow my love comes home, in two weeks it’s Valentine’s day… Makes you think about love…[sigh].

For some reason – don’t ask me why – love is associated with your heart. I know this doesn’t sound very romantic, but maybe because the belly butterflies were mistaken for heartbeats? Anyway, I don’t know more about this rather important (not even heart shaped!) organ, except the fact that it pounds, thus pomps oxygen rich blood through my body, faster when I am stressed, exercize or think about ‘him’ and that it has been broken several times in the past… On this site, I have assembled my heart again. I also performed open heart surgery, but, oops, the patient did not survive ;-(

vrijdag, 30 januari 2004

O.K. Computer


Jippy, I have a healthy laptop, though slightly clogged – over 250000 files and folders… What the hell am I storing in here?

Anyway, I still wish you could check a human like that, as my stuffed nose is accompagnied by an annoying, pounding head ache. I took a pain killer some time ago, but it does not seem to work. Maybe the head is not part of the common cold symptoms and is the aching stress related: my love comes home in two days, after 6 months in India. Exciting, butterflies, yet slightly scary – like when you slowly drive up a rollercoaster.

vrijdag, 30 januari 2004

Ill communication


I can’t believe in how many Outlook address books I – apparently – am! Norton destroyed at least 10 e-mails today, containing the W32.Novarg.A@mm. worm/virus. All of them came from people I don’t even know, in India and the US… I checked at Symantec and found out its a serious threat. It’s that MyDoom virus thingy everyone is all freaked out about. Even my granpa asked me, if I was protected against virusses (and yes, he meant the computer threats, not the human ones). Anyway, although I have my updates for this week, I’d better do a virus scan, as one of the infected e-mails appeared to have my own e-mail address as sender…

I wish they invented a “removal-tool” for the common cold… (sneezes)

donderdag, 29 januari 2004

Too young…


I just heard on the news that Guusje Nederhorst, actress and wife of rockband Kane singer Dinand, died of cancer today. She was only 34, just married, baby… A big shock, because just two weeks or so ago, her manager announced she was almost cured and ready to get back to work again. On the site of Kane is a beautiful poem for Guusje, written by Dinand…

woensdag, 28 januari 2004

An owl or a howler?


My man goes wild when he hears about orks, elfs and hobbits (he’s depressed now, because “the journey has come to an end!”), but I am a sucker for Harry Potter. I am eagerly awaiting movie #3 and book#6. So I am glad to read, that thousands of Bulgarian teenagers are bidding for a lead role in the fourth Harry Potter film, because producers revealed they want a real Bulgarian to play the part of Victor Krum. I gope zey keep gis vunny accent. Read more!


woensdag, 28 januari 2004

Let it snow


Yesterday evening, the weatherpeople announced overnight snow. This morning I opened my curtains, expecting to see a white winter wonderland, but no. Huge disappointment, bad start of my day.

However, while I am typing this complaint, I see a few tiny snowflakes. Slowly they get bigger – in size ├índ in number. The rooftops, trees and fields are covered with a thin layer of snow. Now it is really snowing! It won’t be long before I can make a snow angel (that’s a personal tradition thingy).

dinsdag, 27 januari 2004

And the winner is…


This afternoon, the nominees for the Academy Awards have been announced. I was very pleased to hear, that the beautiful Dutch (post) WWII drama “de Tweeling” (translated to Twin Sisters) is nominated in the category “Best movie in a foreign language”! Go here for the full list of nominees.

dinsdag, 27 januari 2004

How to burn your money


I quit smoking 7 months ago. I have to admit that I had my difficult moments and I have taken two puffs in the meantime, but I am not the typical ex-smoker. People can smoke near me, in my house: no problem at all. In fact, I strongly considered to start again at the beginning of this year, as a protest against all the ridiculous anti-smoking measures the Dutch government has suggested.

Anyway, I am glad I haven’t started, because would not have been able to afford it. The price of a packet of cigarettes or rolling tobacco is going to rise enormously (25%) at February 1st. The biggest portion goes directly to the treasury, a small part is a normal producer induced rise. When I started smoking (10 years ago), a 20 packet of Marlboro was Dfl 3,10 (1,50 Euro). Now it is gonna cost approximately 4,- Euro (Dfl 8,80)!!!

maandag, 26 januari 2004

I don’t like mondays (part 2)


I am not quite sure if i’m gonna make this a weekly reoccurring topic – but its starting to look like it: my struggle with mondays in general and its morning part in particular. For some reason, mondays just don’t do it for me. As my alarm goes off (at 7:15 AM) I have difficulties getting out of bed, I fall asleep in the shower, the coffee does not kick in, the way it should…. While reading the newspaper (thinnest of the week, as if nothing happens on a Sunday), it finally hit me: a new workingweek has started… but not for me anymore! My body was trying to tell me that. No reason at all for getting out of bed at all!

mental note:

Listen to your body, Solly!

zaterdag, 24 januari 2004



Only 8 sleeps to go… and then I will be reunited with my man!