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zaterdag, 22 april 2006

I am who I am


I talk. A lot. Loudly. To any one. With my hands.
I have an expressive face.
I am extravert.
I am bossy and nosy.
I love pretty colours, shiny stuff and handbags.
I like techno, I go to parties.
I don’t have kids or a dog or a car.

I have a personality: deal with it!

vrijdag, 21 april 2006

Pure poetry


I went to see – but most of all: hear – Stevie Ann tonight. Off course, I’d heard her hit single Poetry man, but I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. What a voice. Fragile and strong. Personal lyrics that went straight to my heart. Music that went from jazz to country and back. A very sensual, jazzy version of Britneys “Toxic”… Wow. I want more!

maandag, 17 april 2006

Grow it, show it (2)


I just can’t believe it! After I shared my facial hair envy with you, some one (thanks Herman) pointed out there is an official sideburns club!!!
*turns green of envy*

zaterdag, 15 april 2006

Nu al een verzuchting ;-)


in Dutch
Je doet het als volksvertegenwoordiger ook nooit goed:
Sluit je een sterk en sociaal programma accoord;
Presenteer je een enthousiast en slagvaardig college;
En het enige commentaar wat je familie en omgeving – allen geboren en getogen Bredanaren – op deze heugelijke gebeurtenis geeft: “Die ene wethouder komt gewoon uit Tilburg!!!”

zaterdag, 08 april 2006



They say the song that topped the charts on you birthday, is the soundtrack to your life…

In my case the top 3 was:
1. Love hurts – Nazareth
2. Forever and ever – Slik
3. The party is over – Sandra Reemer
(that last songtitle worries me the most.. Is it really over now?)