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zaterdag, 24 december 2005

Pretty colours


thousands and thousands of bright coloured bouncing balls come rolling down hill I really like the Sony ‘bouncy balls’ commercial- relaxing music, colourful images… Just great. But like many others, I thought it was fake, 100% computer animated. It’s not, it’s real!
Click here for photos of the making-off.

By the way, can you imagine what it would be like, to see, or better, to stand in the middle of that road while of thousands and thousands of bright coloured bouncy balls come bouncing down hill….

vrijdag, 16 december 2005

Lost in translation


Being a candidate and all, should I talk about local politics on this blog?
If yes: should that bit be in Dutch, and the rest in English?
If no: should I not talk about politics at all, or on just not on this blog – hence, start another blog, next to this one.
Any other suggestions are more than welcome!

dinsdag, 13 december 2005

Pink Red cloud


Though I was sometimes truely bored while unemployed, I was busy most of the time.
However, my life is so hectic and crazy at the moment,….
and I love every minute of it!

Last monday, I have officially been chosen by the members of my political party to be a candidate for the upcoming city counsil elections. I did not drop, as I feared earlier, au contraire: I went up one place, to number 9. I am still on a happy cloud.

My agenda is completely filled now, but I will do my best to keep you posted on the latest and the greatest ;-)