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woensdag, 30 november 2005

A day at the office (1)


Tomorrow, the coffee machine will be out of order from 8 till 10 AM.
I predict a riot…

(As a true addict, I will bring my own ‘stash’ in a thermos flask from home).

maandag, 28 november 2005

My thoughts exactly:


Mmmm... hot chocolate season!

zondag, 20 november 2005

Cool politics



You responded just like my mom did, when I told her this riddle. Have you all forgotten I have that implanon thingy in my arm?!

Anyway, I am now allowed to tell the ‘big’ secret – it has been in the local paper:
I am on the 10th place of the PRELIMINARY list of my political party!


Ok, the other members of the party still have to vote about my place on the list, so I could still get demoted – I’m not a member that long, but I hope that works in my advantage – but I am honoured anyway!

I gotto start somewhere in my quest to conquer the world! ;-)
*) and make it a better, happier and peaceful place!

woensdag, 09 november 2005



Just a ‘click’, a ‘poof’, the smell of burning plastic… and it was over.

We had not seen it coming, and we are deeply shocked by the sudden decease of our beloved kettle. We hope it may boil happily again in the eternal kitchen!

Off course we immediately bought a new kettle. Shocked or not: we do need our daily doses of tea and coffee!!!

zondag, 06 november 2005



Keeping in mind that I’m a 29 7/12 year old woman, what would you’re reaction be when I say:

“It’s not sure yet, it’s rather unexpected, but I’m very happy. You can’t tell anyone, you’ll have to keep this a secret untill a bit later.”

donderdag, 03 november 2005

Spicy solution:


The answer to Sunday‘s mystery:
Organically grown (left) versus supermarket

woensdag, 02 november 2005

Me and Madonna


Whatever the official lyrics may be, every time they play Madonna‘s new hit single “Hung Up”, I hear her sing “Time goes by, so Solly…”.
Thanx Ms. Madonna, I did not know you read my blog ;-)